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267 players (1 to 100)
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Players per page
267 players (1 to 100)
12254-457Abrams, Dick.22.6   United States
12254-31Acosta, Barbara.(Y)40.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-127Acosta, Ramon15.8  FloridaUnited States
12254-1Adams, Cheryl ..26.9   United States
12254-48Adams, Marge31.8  FloridaUnited States
12254-47Adams, Warren17.1  FloridaUnited States
12254-131Adcock, Joe11.8  FloridaUnited States
12254-5Aicardi, Ken..24.5   United States
12254-99Alt, DebbieN/A FloridaUnited States
12254-92Alt, Jeff18.8  FloridaUnited States
12254-9Anthony, Judy .40.4   United States
12254-13Arsenault , Gloria ..32.7   United States
12254-14Austin, Bruce ..17.1   United States
12254-15Babcock*, Carla ..(Y)39.2   United States
12254-22Balent , Dawn ..(Y)25.4   United States
12254-113Balent, Mike..21.9   United States
12254-24Ball, Fred22.5   United States
12254-600Ball, Roger..21.5   United States
12254-73Barbour, Dianne ..35.7  FloridaUnited States
12254-96Barbour, Richard36.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-118Barnes, Jill40.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-28Beasley, Jack..19.6   United States
12254-29Beasley, Jonith40.4   United States
12254-148Bisby, James (Mike)N/A FloridaUnited States
12254-40Bordenaro, Mike..25.5   United States
12254-42Boudreau, Hank27.4   United States
12254-123Bozoti, David25.0   United States
12254-125Bozoti, Ellen32.2   United States
12254-295Bramble, Geri ..(Y)37.0   United States
12254-35Bramble, Tom36.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-137Brayden, Nancy .40.4   United States
12254-49Brayden, Roger21.4   United States
12254-496Brock, MaryAnn40.4   United States
12254-51Brock Jr., Clyde..17.6   United States
12254-54Browder, Charlie..26.0   United States
12254-55Browder, Doris ..31.4   United States
12254-57Brown, Carol36.8   United States
12254-94Bue*, Moira .32.1   United States
12254-63Bunning, Hank23.6   United States
12254-128Bushkin, Debby38.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-126Bushkin, Wayne20.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-439Buterbaugh, John22.7   United States
12254-201Caouette, Bob23.2   United States
12254-189Caouette, Sandi ..17.1   United States
12254-68Carroll, Bill.24.2 LeesburgFloridaUnited States
12254-107Cermak, Mike..12.9  FloridaUnited States
12254-71Chace, Warren..18.6   United States
12254-70Chace*, Pat . (Y)40.4   United States
12254-76Clark, Peg .. (Y)39.0   United States
12254-87Collins, Bill..23.8   United States
12254-72Collins, Joyce .. 20.5   United States
12254-74Coplan, Dan16.5  FloridaUnited States
12254-977Cothran, JeffN/A FloridaUnited States
12254-84Cottrill, Betty ..25.0   United States
12254-85Cottrill, Chuck28.3   United States
12254-86Cozart, Jim..31.6   United States
12254-89Dahlberg, Pat33.8   United States
12254-90Dammann, Bill.22.9   United States
12254-93Davis, Richard..18.9   United States
12254-101Dickerson, Sue ..40.4   United States
12254-103Dickinson, Rosel ..34.5   United States
12254-20Dillon, Bill.36.1 LeesburgFloridaUnited States
12254-26Dillon, Diana.34.9 LeesburgFloridaUnited States
12254-7Donatelli, Ralph11.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-108Drane, Bob29.7   United States
12254-437Duarte, Sally .40.4   United States
12254-200Duris, Bill..36.4   United States
12254-174Duris, Sandy..(Y)35.7   United States
12254-117Earley, Jim16.6   United States
12254-116Earley*, Ellie ..27.6   United States
12254-121Elliott, Danna..(Y)40.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-115Elliott, James26.1  FloridaUnited States
12254-119Erickson, Earl23.7 Leesburg United States
12254-120Erickson, Judy ..32.2   United States
12254-122Erickson, Marty ..(Y)38.0   United States
12254-104Ferree, Steve11.9  FloridaUnited States
12254-124Ferreira, Joe..35.9   United States
12254-509Finney*, Carole37.7   United States
12254-139Gabbard, Fred..21.7   United States
12254-165Gabbard, Pat .. (Y) 34.0   United States
12254-141Garaghty, Bob28.4   United States
12254-142Genzlinger, Eileen (Y)40.4   United States
12254-143Genzlinger, Lou29.5   United States
12254-91Gibbs, Cathy32.3  FloridaUnited States
12254-146Gillum*, Suzie ..(Y)40.4   United States
12254-147Gilpatrick, Dick11.3   United States
12254-77Gilpatrick, Mary .38.4   United States
12254-199Godfrey, Carolyn ..27.1  FloridaUnited States
12254-191Godfrey, Johnny28.2  FloridaUnited States
12254-114Goodno, Loretta25.2  FloridaUnited States
12254-112Goodno, Ron14.1  FloridaUnited States
12254-501Gould , Annette .40.4   United States
12254-502Gould, Dave33.9 LeesburgFloridaUnited States
12254-998Govern, TerryN/A FloridaUnited States
12254-36Greene, Bob21.0   United States
12254-157Guido, Mariann .37.1   United States
12254-16Gulley, Dennis9.0  FloridaUnited States
12254-58Gulley, Fran40.4  FloridaUnited States
12254-166Hall, Norbert16.5   United States
12254-38Hammond, Jim15.4   United States